Ryan Smith a senior at Smith-Cotton High School has decided to sign up to play football for the Central Methodist University. He will play as the center for the University.  The coach you will be praying for will be Judy Ford. He will be sending his letter of intent to the university soon Ryan is a senior student at a local high school. So many people are proud of his accomplishment to play for a national college football team.

He has been playing for the high school football team for the school for 4 years now. And since that time he has been playing as one of the linemen of the team. There is certainly a lot that Ryan has learned for the several years that he has been playing for the team.

Ryan will be playing on the defense end. He is one of the 25 recruits has been drafted into the Central Methodist University team. Many of his teammates have been traveling to the university. The University’s campus is located in Fayette, and it features one of the first ever live stream signing events. The students who signed up for the CMU game were interviewed by the student media and other Publications at the signing event.

It has always been the dream of to play football for a college team. He says that he is very proud to have achieved its dream right now. In fact, this is one of his dream teams to be on. He also feels that he has been neck success for his family teachers. coaches and schoolmates. And most of all he feels most proud of his accomplishments.

Ryan Smith has been playing for his high school team, for several years now. And now that he has achieved his goal to become a college football player he hopes to continue that streak on till he gets to play in the professional League. Ryan has also won the Charles Van Dyne Memorial award. This is an award given to Smith-Cotton High School students who have been shown to be outstanding football players on their team. Ryan has been shown to have been worth giving the award to since he has reached some very high goals in his high school football career. There is certainly more room for Ryan to grow in as he gets even better at the sport he is playing at. He is expected to go to college at CMU in the upcoming school year. And many coaches and other football players at CMU are already excited to see what Ryan can offer their school and their team.

Ryan’s coach, Boyer, has already expressed his pride that one of his students has become another player for the CMU eagles. Boyer, himself, is an alumnus for CMU, where he also played for the eagles as well. Ryan is the first college football recruit that Boyer has successfully trained. So this is a huge accomplishment for both the student and the coach at the high school.

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