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To B2 bombers were sent from the Whiteman base in Missouri to the Republic of Korea for a long duration mission. This mission is a round-trip training mission as part of a training exercise that will be used to demonstrate the commitment of the United States to protect the Republic of Korea. This Mission has been approved by the Strategic command of the US Air Force. Part of this training exercises’ goal is to provide deterrence to the allies located in the Asia and the Pacific region. It is hoped that this exercise will show that the US is committed to protecting its allies in the Asia-pacific area.

Which two bombers are assigned to the 509th b-wing bomb wing. These two bombers are capable of long range and position bombing strikes for quick durations period they will be flying more than 6,500 miles to the Republic of North Korea period when they arrive they will be dropping their bombs on the mountain ranges of North of the capital. They will take a round trip to the US as this will be a single continuous flight from the United States to Korea and then back again. This is this is a joint training exercise by the US Air Force and the military of the Republic of Korea. Is also hope the strain exercise will strengthen relations between the two countries.

The United States has stated that it is very committed to its alliances in the Asia-pacific area. And that it will be defending the Republic of Korea against any aggressors that threaten the peace and safety of the country. It’s probably in response to renewed aggression from North Korea and Pyongyang period it is hoped that with this joint training besides the US can show off that it is not afraid of flexing its muscles against any perceived aggression. U.S. is a major power in the Asia-pacific region as it keeps balance and stability in the many countries around the area. U.S. also has many allies amongst the Asian-pacific countries. So it is imperative that the United States keep the peace in the area, by performing deterrence missions. The B-2 Spirit bomber missions are just one of the many deterrence missions that it conducts. The United States also patrols its boats around the ocean of the Pacific as well. The United States does this to keep the peace and lower tensions in the area.

This long-range mission is expected to take place over several days. And it is just one part pf the bilateral Foal Eagle training mission. The United States Air Force is showing off its capability to drop bombs across the Pacific Ocean, using their B-2 Spirit Bombers. These long range bombers are also capable of stealth, so it is next to impossible for enemies to detect these bombers, as they do not appear on radar or any other conventional detection device. More deterrence missions are going to be conducted by the United States in the coming days.

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