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Three juvenile individuals arrested in Barret Avenue last week in a drug bust conducted by the Bureau of drug control. Several detectives along with a K-9 dog unit conducted a drug-related search in the house of those teens. The police officers had a search warrant for drugs and other illegal substances. The drug search was conducted with several Patrol officers of the local police force and specialist detectives from the drug enforcement unit. Several K9 dogs were also brought along help in the search

The officers first forced entry through the front door of the house that the teens were at. When they got inside the house at the teens were staying at the drug officers then use the three dogs to sniff out where the drugs are hidden. They also detained the three young adults and none of the adults were resisting the arrest. So they were detained without any incident. Another younger person was also present inside the residents when the drug raid was conducted. This younger juvenile was also taken into custody but not part of the arrest.

A large amount of high-grade legal drugs was found inside the residence after the search was fully conducted. Rolls of marijuana plus a bunch of Schedule II and IV prescription pills were also discovered. Inside of the residents there also some drug-related paraphernalia that was uncovered. These included packaging and other supplies for the drugs. Other evidence that was found on site included some prescription pills that were not part of the list of illegal drugs but they were still used in conjunction with those drugs. It was also clear from the evidence gathered by the police that the residence was also a site for the drug distribution for the area.

One of the individuals that were investigated was arrested by the police Under Suspicion of several drug-related charges. This individual was charged with several drug crime such as conspiring to produce and distribute illegal substances. The County prosecutor has yet to press formal charges. The charges that are to be filed are to be the following, distribution and delivery of a narcotic substance, possession of a narcotics and marijuana, intent to distribute marijuana, and unlawful transactions with minors. One of the people charged with these was just 17 years old. And they are natives of Sedalia as well.

The individual that was charged will be detained in the Pettis County Jail. And he is going to be detained in that area until the County Prosecutor formally takes them to court. The Sedalia house that was raided was located on Barret Avenue. The drug agency has been monitoring this residence, as they suspected that many minors and teens in Sedalia have been coming to it, to purchase drugs. Police have said that this individual was probably a major distributor of narcotics and marijuana in the area. And that with the arrest of this person, the drug supply in that Sedalia neighborhood is going to decrease over time.

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