The Sedalia Weekly Observer originally started way back in 1984, when it was first called, Central Missouri News. Since then the Sedalia Weekly Observer has grown and has become one of the premier weekly newspapers in the State of Missouri. This newspaper is going to be printed every week, and it will be released in local newsstands and anywhere in Sedalia that sells newspapers and magazines. The Sedalia Weekly Observer can also be mailed directly to your home as well. So if you would like to receive the latest information about Sedalia, news, consider signing up for a weekly delivery of the Observer. If you do sign up to receive a copy of the newspaper, you will get a copy sent to your home directly.

The Sedalia Weekly Observer is also one of the few weekly newspapers that are printed in full-color. You can read all your news stories in fully colored print. And you would be able to read those news stories without a problem since the Weekly Observer is also printed on High-quality newspaper as well. Sensational and eye-catching photography is going to be included as part of the Weekly Observer’s news stories. And regular readers of the news in Sedalia will appreciate that they can read news stories accompanied by gorgeous photographs in full color.

The newspaper is also sent out every week to its readers. For people that have signed up for a subscription to the newspaper, they will receive a copy of the Sedalia Weekly Observer every Wednesday. And they would be able to read a copy of that news at the latest, on the same evening. People can also purchase the Sedalia Weekly observer at any local establishment that sells newspapers and magazines. And you would be able to read to read about any of the local events that are currently unfolding in your local area.

The Sedalia Weekly Observer has been proudly publishing local news for over 3 decades now. And it is not going to stop anytime soon. If you would like to continue to support our work in journalism, you should consider signing up for a subscription to our newspaper. It would be a huge help to our newspaper if you did sign up for a subscription, as you would be directly supporting us with your patronage. And you would also get the benefit of reading accurate news stories if you take the time to read the Sedalia Weekly Observer.

Despite being a local newspaper for the Sedalia area, you would still be able to read about news events that are happening in the National and International levels. You would be able to stay up to date with any of those latest political events if you read the Sedalia Weekly Observer regularly. The news that is published in the Weekly observer is going to be the latest ones in the coming weeks. You would be hard-pressed to find any other weekly newspaper that publishes the most recent national and international news. The world news that is covered by this website includes any of the events that are happening in other countries.

The weekly observer is also a published of other types of news as well. People can get their fix of celebrity and entertainment gossip, through the Weekly Observer. And readers of the observer will be served all of the hottest news and tidbits that have happened in the past week, in the entertainment industry. You would be able to hear about the latest gossip in Hollywood, as it unfolds if you read the newspaper. All of the biggest Hollywood and entertainment events and news will be covered by our journalists as well. So you would be able to check what your favorite celebrity was wearing to the Oscars event. If you need entertainment news, then the Sedalia Weekly Observer is the best source for that kind of news.

The journalists at the Sedalia Weekly Observer are all committed to journalistic integrity. So you can trust that all of the news that is published on our website is going to be very accurate and truthful. You can trust the Sedalia Weekly observer to publish only news that has happened and is real. You would not find fake news on this website, this is because all of our journalists and writers are dedicated to publishing only the truth and deliver accurate news stories to our readers. You would not find a more honest and truthful publication than the Sedalia Weekly Observer.

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